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What is the GLSEN Local School Climate Survey?

The Local School Climate Survey (LSCS) is a tool developed by GLSEN's Research Department for students, educators and advocates to assess the safety and overall environment of their local schools or communities using surveys of students. It allows you to select from pre-loaded questions to build a survey, as well as create your own questions. The surveys are designed to be taken by middle and high school students (specifically ages 13 and up). This tool also provides you with a report of the results from the survey you create.

The Local School Climate Survey is meant to be used at the local level for school, district and local communities. This survey is not intended to be used at the state, regional or national level. If you want to use the Local School Climate Survey tool to conduct a national, state or regional (e.g. several states, i.e., Mid-Atlantic region) survey then please contact us at

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How is the LSCS related to the National School Climate Survey?

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